Scottish Aunt

My aunt, my third uncle’s wife-

In these columns, I think, I had written about my aunt —

Her father was into coal mining in Scotland.

My third uncle’s wife was an English woman by birth. To be exact, she was Scottish, whom my uncle met when he studied in the University of Edinburgh and got married.

I had previously jotted down in one of the earlier posts, how my uncle had to use guile to get hitched to this particular lady, because his father was the most orthodox of people, and abhorred all people who ate meat. Perhaps it is difficult for a modern reader to guess the travails and tribulations my uncle had to get over before, he triumphed in his holy trek towards love. When I met the couple at a later phase of life, I came to understand that this kind a love is worth a hundred or more such previous hazards.

And my aunt shocked everybody in the household because of her adaptability to the local customs, except her faith in her spiritual matters.

Till the old sire kicked the bucket, they both stayed in a separate section of the big household, and seldom showed up at the dining table, though in other areas, their presence was most welcome.

My uncle, you can say was far ahead of his time in many matters, though he wore the most conventional of dresses. This I think was his strategic move to walk and work unhindered in a society that did not approve of any of his views.

He was gentle and calm, and generally of good manners, except for his addiction to bottles at a particular phase, from which he,

in due course got out miraculously.

But none of his rivals was equal to him in wisdom or even looks, and many were very cautious to use the exact words while speaking to him, for they all feared him in a way from the core of their hearts.

Though my auntie lost the good texture of her skin due to long exposure to the hot sun, I must admit that there was a sparkle in her eyes, and a grace in her words, which made her stand out from the crowd.

I think I have also broached that she went with a lady of our neighbourhood to proselytise in rural areas, studying the local language. She was called ‘Madamma sister'[foreigner sister]

My uncle, it must be told that he influenced my attitude to a good extent, that in so many later years, I kept his attitudes to certain things of life, knowing only farther still in time, that it was not actually my view, but his view[and for which I got applause from some quarter],..

One such obiter dictum is about the bird dove, though associated with peace, he said, is quite a jealous bird, and I told it to some people, and this was not exactly my view on the matter, but my uncle’s view, and even now I am not sure about this idea. Some of you readers may know the real truth.

And another view was people who use black cooling glasses should not be trusted, because they want to hide the expressions in their own eyes, at the same time know the expression of others, till at a later stage, I was to live in a hot city and had to use dark cooling glasses regularly in order to protect the eyes from the hot sun and hot wind. I knew the lack of depth in such a judgement.

He was a versatile genius, a good speaker, an adept in musical instruments, composing songs in various ‘ragas’ and had a lot of disciples who came after his afternoon slumber whenever he was at home, to study music. But I did not learn any music from him, though he forced me to read classical works from his vast library, that contained good books in many languages, English, Spanish, French and Slavic languages and made me write a summary of a classical work, I read during that week and regularly check the content. Since my parents were away for work in another distant place, taking my elder sister with them, I was with this uncle’s family for three years. His coaching, though did not make me a scholar, indirectly helped me to get a scholarship for my further studies, and he was the first mentor, who taught me with example the possibilities of a human mind…

My aunt took beet juice and pomegranate juice often and converted a portion of arable land till unused into a farm with a good lot of vegetables and various types of mangoes. The local names of these mangoes were Alphonsa, Kalappadi, Neelam etc. and the mango which we called ‘kalappadi’ was the tastiest ones I ever had in life.Also she culticated

palm trees that gave coconuts in a shorter number of years. We had a poultry too consisting of native[very healthy ones] and foreign Whitelegon, Rhode island red, etc..

My aunt being an English woman was not familiar with the customs of the country. One of the  relatives, a senior lady was appointed for this purpose, to bring her up in the household manners and customs and she ,later became an adept in this matter.There were a couple of old widows in the household who were our relatives, whose children were either not caring them or they were in far off places, and these ladies had extremely orthodox styles  of living and always moved in known circles, doing known things, and talking about known things. In fact they seldom talked except when it is very necessary, but in special functions, they had good roles to execute, because they were adept in some classical topics. My aunt got one among them as her tutor and in a short while became well versed in those themes.She for some months tried to teach me Gaelic and told later that I was her dullest student.

My mother was in government service, first in British and later in the independent nation, and was facing frequent postings in Nasik, Deolali or Madras. When she came for a long vacation, she was a good help to my aunt and she being educated  was less biased.And after retirement, and later after my uncle’s death, these two were to form thick bonds of friendship.

My aunt had prayer sessions in the morning, and it was an open forum, and we youngsters sometimes attended it out of curiosity(she had composed a whole book of hymns from which she sang in her free times. One hymn starts like this and I remember that part well because she repeated it often-My Savior is my friend/What a unique blend/He took my sins and sorrows for a Life without end…… and so on..) One of my cousins who is an agriculturist in the country has written me that her old library is still there in the dilapidated section of our ancient house that had many quarters and yards. Perhaps I may find her manuscripts there and I have planned to go to that area in my next vacation. This aunt, after my uncle’s death went back to Scotland where her younger brother, a miner by profession lived. The last part of her life is shrouded in partial obscurity and most members of our family attest to the fact that she died there and her body was inhumed in a less known Church cemetery in provincial Scotland.

-(From a work of Fiction in progress).




Doamna noastră de poveste, domnișoara Helen Lucia Parks este un personaj neobișnuit din numeroase trăsături, până în momentul în care am aflat într-o zi, natura copilărească, la sfârșitul zilei, într-o seară bună în Pyrenees. În mod cert, nu am fost niciodată fanul ei, însă a avut numeroși fani în comunitatea noastră, ca urmare a capacităților ei teatrale interesante și a spiritului său unic și a unor caracteristici diferite de acest gen. Într-adevăr, am fost în casă într-o lună de iarnă și citeam o carte până la miezul nopții, la ora 2 dimineața, când unchiul meu avea o dificultate bruscă de respirație, ceea ce îl făcea imposibil să stea și chiar să șoptească și în acea agitație, un taxi din depozitul de cartier și l-au dus la spital.

A fost un spital, suficient de mic pentru a găzdui cincizeci de pacienți la un moment dat, iar domnișoara Helen Parks a fost proprietarul virtual al întreprinderii, deoarece proprietarii originali au plecat în America din anumite motive. Deci ne-am așteptat pe Helen Parks să se comporte într-un mod adecvat pentru un vecin [casa ei era la aproximativ 100 de metri de a noastră în aceeași localitate]
Dar ea a acționat într-un fel de fapt și a luat cazul nostru ca orice alt caz care vine la spital, fără a detecta situația de urgență a situației, vârsta pacientului sau chiar faptul că suntem vecini și, de asemenea, când a fost tineri în vârstă au avut unele conexiuni private cu familia noastră. Această parte voi spune în curs. Deoarece implică reputația fratelui meu mai mare, trebuie să fiu mai prudent în narațiune ….

 Și în cabinetul medicului era disponibilă și m-am mutat spre ea pentru o examinare terapeutică rapidă și a mers cu dosul cu destule gesturi ciudate și unchiul meu și-ar fi luat ultima suflare acolo, până când punctul în care seniorul meu senior ajunge la loc și a dus la un alt centru de vindecare. Fratele meu mai mare, care a venit în vagonul său oficial de la noaptea în schimburi în cabinete chirurgicale, ma spovedit pentru acea activitate lipsită de sens și, în plus, mi-a amintit de multe ori în viață, în diferite ocazii, pentru raționamentul meu flippant să-l iau pe unul nostru unchi în centrul de vindecare al acestei femei drepte.

Fratele meu senior niciodată nu sa bucurat de compania lui Miss Parks oricum în oricare din ultimele perioade de viață. Dar nu era tocmai întregul adevăr. În vârful tinereții, era un fan al ei, ca și alți băieți ai localității noastre. Miss Parks a fost frumoasă, mai înaltă decât alte fete de vârsta ei și a avut un geniu pentru mimicrie, iar în comunitate arată că apropierea ei era una strălucitoare. Tatăl ei, un soldat pensionar, a avut o mândrie specială în a-și crește fiica cea mare. În primii ani ai școlii ei, mulți oameni mi-au spus, mai ales, prietenul meu, J. că tatăl ei a vrut să-i facă un orator celebru și a început să dea cursuri de vorbit. Dar, din păcate, planurile sale nu au venit la viață, deoarece Helen avea o cunoaștere slabă a vocabularului, iar gramatica ei era îngrozitoare și a făcut multe mișcări jenante pe scenă, nepotrivită pentru un vorbitor sobru. Ea a fost mai mult în spiritele care acționează decât să articuleze ceva prudent. Apoi, tatăl a luat-o la sesiunile de acțiune și în timpul sărbătorilor de la școală, când băieții vor urca copacii și vor obține nuci de caju din ea și vor călări în cărucioarele de bullock până la malul râului, făcându-i pe șofer și pe animal, Helen Parcurile vor repeta “Tamingul scorpiei”. Nu e de mirare că a devenit actor. Așa sa întâmplat și cel puțin în câteva situații ori de cîte ori am mers la ea pentru a renunța la niște cărți de invitație [fratele meu nu va merge] Am contestat cu seriozitate dacă domnișoara Parks acționa în toată viața sau doar pe scenă.

 Dar vezi, povestea fratelui meu ma făcut să mă împotrivesc domnișoarei Parks. Nu am fost niciodată fanul ei, ți-am spus mai devreme, iar fratele meu mai mare a fost destul de proastă să ceară mâna acestei femei mândru. El a fost norocos, am crezut uneori mai târziu că a fost scutit de toată situația prin noroc sau altfel viața lui ar fi fost mizerabilă la bătrânețe cu copii mai proști decât Miss Parks și totuși imaginați că toți se predau la vechiul lor tată, care va fi situația lui în acele epoci și când ficatul, creierul și memoria sunt vulnerabile …

Iubea-o pe Helen, asta a fost ceea ce fratele meu a declarat cu toată seriozitatea pentru mine în două sau trei ocazii, deși eu nu contez prea mult declarațiile sale în această privință. În orice caz, nu am crezut niciodată că, din moment ce nu era autentic cu tinerele tinere în perioadele sale timpurii de tinerețe dinamice, le-a numit pui și păsări și termeni inumani la o creație divină pe pământ. Se pare că domnișoara Parks mi-a disprețuit fratele, indiferent de punctul în care se îndrepta spre ea, cu această chemare de adorație. Deoarece după acel eveniment, probabil după trei sau patru ani, mi-a spus soției mele că fratele meu este cel mai puțin masculin de figură, se așteaptă în viața ei viitoare. Avea nevoie de un bărbat progresist, de tip sfidător, cu preocupări sociale foarte mari și, de asemenea, îmbrăcat fără cusur și, eventual, cu o cravată și costum, dacă nu, cel puțin o jachetă, totuși prin toate metodele potrivite pentru gusturile doamnei atunci când mergea la minge , pentru că ea și-a imaginat partidele enorm. Fratele meu a fost un drum lung din acest fel. El a îmbracat ocazional, într-un mod boem și după ce a intrat în clasele de muzică de la piața din centrul orașului, a început să-și crească părul mult timp, așa cum făceau tovarășii săi, și din când în când era extrem de dificil să-l descoperi într-un grup din spate, un bărbat sau o doamnă. Dar, prin toate mijloacele, l-aș putea scoate de la orice adunare, indiferent dacă sa camuflat ca o doamnă, în îmbrăcăminte și accesorii de o doamnă, și că este fratele meu și singurul meu frate, așa că mi-am amintit de întreaga personalitate a el cu inima și chiar cum s-ar comporta în câteva circumstanțe în viața de zi cu zi și care va fi răspunsul său la anumite situații și chiar câteva cuvinte care vor veni în mod inevitabil din gura lui în câteva clipuri critice și poate mult mai mult ..

Acest lucru se datorează faptului că oamenii mei ne-au trimis la grupuri și cursuri de formare similare, chiar pe litoraluri și librării și arhive și până în anul al nouăsprezecelea, am rămas împreună și ne-am plimbat împreună. De fapt, până atunci a fost cel mai apropiat prieten al meu. Ne-am luptat adesea pe lucruri stupide și am devenit din nou prieteni, pe o simplă creștere. A fost în principal pentru că amândoi eram expresivi și nu am putut suprima sentimentele și, de asemenea, le-am articulat dacă circumstanțele erau potrivite pentru acest lucru sau nu. Acest lucru a cauzat în mod constant multă chiculare și îngrijorare în cazul social al indivizilor pe care nu i-am angajat niciodată mai devreme în viață. Când un pudding delicios a fost servit într-o adunare, pentru noi doi, și gazda a fost partenerul tatălui meu vechi, și atunci când budinca a fost servit am răspuns în italiană–
‘Che dolce cosa!’
Am folosit aceleași idiomuri – și aproape un aspect similar pe față.

Gazda, prietenul tatălui meu și soțul meu s-au îndreptat spre noi și ne-au privit în mod curios în jurnalul nostru și am chicotit. Doamna, de fapt, a chicotit în spasme de râs, totuși bărbatul ei doar a zâmbit generos sau poate să fie în pace pentru a neutraliza pentru vocea soției sale. În plus, fiica mai mare a gazdei care a fost căsătorită a alergat apoi spre noi, care [a fost mai în vârstă decât noi sau patru ani] și am spus într-un ton solemn și jumătate amuzant în italian-

“Supponiamo, devo scegliere da te nella remota possibilità che entrambi mi siano stati presentati, prima del mio vero matrimonio, sarò nei guai per scegliere uno di voi. Entrambi siete dolci ed estemporanei … “
Vedeți că această femeie este la fel de sinceră și simplă în exprimarea sentimentelor ei dacă poți imagina odată faptul că tânărul ei soț și fiica ei mici se aflau în apropiere și vedeau întreaga scenă.

….–[De la o lucrare de FICTION în desfășurare]


He was in the secondary lounge of the transport and his significant other could figure out how to get a seat in the first line. It was maybe his slip-up not to book the seat ahead of time and to be happy with the seats the conductor gave on availability. He recollected that he never had reserved a seat in any of the transports he travelled in his youth. That was a piece of the reasoning he followed in his adolescence and middle age when he had accepted life as greater voyage and a similarly greater adventure, and he would not like to sound himself as a two-timer. Also, he had even disheartened people taking such a great amount of alert in their visits and rounds, and had even made fun of those chicken-hearted souls for missing the mystery of future by such a large number of early courses of action.

In any case, now he is no more that young fellow who could bear alone the bothers that travels offer without fitting trip programs. He estimated himself to be an elderly person at any rate physically, and at the same time, he favoured to survey himself as a young man with his significant other whenever they were both alone. He now and then partook with her a portion of his old juvenile jokes and she would alert him in a diverted note, kids will hear, or others will catch, and chide him lovingly. In truth, he didn’t know numerous jokes. Around here, his wife outperformed him and she could tell a joke convincingly and after her jokes, all would yell in giggling. Then again, whenever he told a joke just a couple of individuals snickered, and others would keep silent and look curiously what his genuine expectation was and also meaning that they expected something more serious from him.

Presently the transport is going to start and he was seeing his own situation in the carrier and felt somewhat befuddled, as the journey is about a hundred kilometres, and the plain idea of how he will reach the goal in the wake of numerous expected knocks and turns in this risky course when the traffic is, for the most part, heartless and the drivers had a portion of the tendencies of his own juvenility, accepting it as a happy adventure, however he remembered he never had been foolhardy in any of the periods of life..

When he was thinking this way, the bus started with a sudden yank as though to caution him about the future perils of the trek. His better half turned once again from the front seat and grinned. He likewise grinned however felt that she won’t experience the same number of jolts and moves like him in the progressing venture seating herself in the front row and he occupying the last but one seat of the transport.

He looked for some time at his wife as if she were entirely someone else from another family he has not seen so far, and attempted to observe without emotions. This gave him an impression of her beauty and the slender figure, which he sometimes had admired in other women. Obviously, she is a lot more youthful to him in age and looks. In fact, she is around nine years younger to him and he has known his better half numerous years prior to his marriage as an individual from his family, being a far-off cousin from his mother’s side. The marriage was an incredible experience as he for all intents and purposes eloped with her in light of the fact that the families did not support of the wedlock, particularly her father who was a strong man and had extreme perspectives on life. Truth be told, his folks, particularly his mom was glad since this occurred after a period that he had announced openly in the family circles that he had chosen to be a hermit. It was never his intention to marry her and he considered her only as a friend or a good relative who had sympathies to his style of living and had a kind of blameless association with her, primarily through letters and incidental gatherings when he would ponder on genuine issues of life and she like a student tuned in to his babbling. Presently it happened that her folks needed to get her wedded to a worthy groom and she opposed all proposals. Furthermore, things developed to such a pivotal stage, to the point that he was forced to leave the place with her so as to keep away from catastrophes. Both of them left without illuminating others and went to a neighbouring land, to enter where you needn’t bother with an international ID. There they landed positions as teachers in a boarding school because the school favoured couples as staff and they were couples if not formally. To be brief, life made them a couple. It was here that they both began cracking jokes between exercises so as to elevate the state of mind of the understudies and in his class, the students told that ‘Miss is fantastic as far as humour is concerned’. He didn’t feel jealous of his significant other because, in his heart, he realized that he outperformed her in numerous different angles…

The bus turned to a bumpy patch and he had practically to hold the side of the seat with both hands in order to avoid a fall. This happened several times in the course of the journey and it was a good exercise for his otherwise sluggish body. At one point, the bus stopped at a minor junction, and the conductor announced that there is ten minutes -break and with many other passengers, he also got out and headed to a nearby stall. Some remained in their own seats not having anything to do with the shops or the outside world

He got tea and snacks for his wife and had something for himself as well. He saw that she didn’t express thanks, however, appreciated his turn but thought at heart that it is his obligation to regard his wife. After all, the time she had languished over this old fool… He recollected that before marriage she would tell thanks for each little assistance he gave and it was how she had been instructed by her military dad. He indicated that at whatever point, one may express thanks or thank you at each possible advance and definitely, she followed that coaching and was classed as a fervent and wise dame, much applauded by her peers.

She had additionally two sisters younger to her and both pursued the same school of thought and philosophies of protocols, and with her mom who wedded her dad when she was just sixteen years old[an offence in modern era], the female society in the family was on a par with a minor brigade and her dad was the self-announced officer of that troop. But the fight here was more interior than external, and he won it always alone and held all the badges to himself, by his strong articulations and muscular prowess, till at a later stage one of his kidneys began declining and he needed the aid of his significant other at each trail of life… …
……..[To be Continued]


The new day dawns with a warm note when the azure sky manifests itself above the sea swells that carried endless whispers from the past. The husky man stood there stock-still as an onlooker to the waves and his eyes gleamed in aspiration perhaps for many minutes… And I’m still pausing for you in this secluded niche of the panorama that has plenty of eucalyptus trees with their distinct aroma around, looking forward to joining you for an intimate chat… Dear friend, this is a meeting season… October passed and with it, the parting of a beloved one, numb to the bottom as if to ridicule the love we bore to one another, still it isn’t wise to tarry along these lines further, for, I have trust that we will meet once again, if not soon……
An ambulance service paces by and it’s been the most glorious day for me and you dear and who can grasp for certain that we will breathe for long or even tomorrow for that matter, still I hope we will be friends in this life and after this one also, if we receive approbation for that happening…
A hospital survived in front, and after that a lovely tree. The clinic is a vascular infirmary, mostly patronised by old folk, and a few youthful ones, too. The doctor comes to the porch of the arcade and grouses something to herself and retreats. Thankfully, this is something the season has to offer now. Dear, did you ever mark the flare in her eyes? The new recruit from a Scandinavian country whose home is near the place after Galati in a Moldovan village, where the Danube flows to the sea[as she told yesterday]…

I met the doctor yesterday and mentioned to her the issues of my elderly cousin from my father’s side, about his recent medical problems and the doctor, gave us an appointment for today. That was all. There is a tiny tea stall in the proximity, that boasts of novel items in the menu, pizzas and cheese tortellini slaws and vegan culinary –about six or seven guys are hurrying in to catch the attention of the bench assistant for vouchers or tokens. Meanwhile, a middle-aged lady is thrust back in the race and the counter boy obviously notices and calls her to the head row to get the token and this gesticulation precipitates some measure of mortification in the male casts, who left to themselves and alone were fed to act in unusual trends. But none stretches out to demur, because of one reason or the other. One specific cause, I may tend to know that transpired in our family, that eldest female member scolded all the others for such a prototype of display. This is quite a private theme and I’m not fretting over it…

Today, there is an appointment at Brooks and my buddies have agreed to assemble there in the salon of a mate that is in the corresponding edifice. We will review topics concerning them and that covers some family liaisons too.
The physician arrived meanwhile and my kinsman was ushered into the chamber and it appeared that he was reluctant to face the new evolution of his body. He has been for eras, a supporter of the doctrine of Dependent Origination, still, it did not assuage the existing predicament. The expert, after numerous sittings of investigation, spoke to her superior professor over the telephone and one could eavesdrop feebly the other’s commanding articulates from the receiver.
Then the doctor turned to me and delivered various guidelines and prescriptions of drug and narrated that these could be purchased from the store that is in the same complex. And also that I must meet her after a week.
We withdrew from the surroundings and hit back home.
My kinsman has been sojourning with me for the last three weeks. This was in fact after copious years of parting and when my parents were living, we used to see each other at least once in two years. Some family events would make occasion for this gathering. Earlier in life, when we were children, the meetings had been more regular, once in a year or even twice. We will assemble at each other’s house in turn during vacations. My house at that era was in a hilly town noted principally for a dam and a magnificent park overlooking it. I knew every cranny and corner of that neighbourhood because whenever a relative visited our house, it was my duty or privilege to take them to the places of interest. My father would bequeath me some additional bucks for that, and I was pretty happy. Another attraction of our town was that there is a Fort made by an old ruler and was abandoned in the hands of other sovereigns after his passing in a decisive battle. This particular ruler had similar sorts of Forts in other sections of the country.[Later, I could see the very ground of his terminal fight]… My cousin’s ancestry was in another city about five hours of trip by bus from our town and this place is a harbour Town and an early port in British times and is linked with the manufacturing of coir merchandises. For kids like us, the foremost appeal was that it was a haven for fish delights. We whenever went to this spot, would advance to the seacoast and see fish accumulated by the anglers from the net. Moreover, fish, at the collection time is unimaginably cheap and it was like a miracle that we would go back homeward purchasing packs of fish that we struggled to carry, at a surprisingly low cost and to remember those seasons again is also a thrilling experience…….

–[From a work of FICTION in progress].

Uncle and the Leopard-1



Uncle and the Leopard-1
As I have promised my readers in a prior note of this sort, I was to expound on my second uncle and his encounter with a panther when he was away from his relatives and living in woods. Some of you perusers may recall the way that he as a single guy, had a personal illicit relationship with a wedded lady and was the cardinal accused in a murder mystery.The story as I got record from different sources, portrays that lately the spouse of that woman was killed and my uncle was the prime suspect. The previously mentioned lady,it is told, had numerous lovers, some even secret ones. This saga was frequently described in our family hovers, as an exercise to the young fellows of the new generation, who begin indicating salacious propensities and how a few cases could lead to such appalling coup de grace. I am not specially fond of such sorts of over chary delineations of old folks, but the last word to such stories is the maleurous certainty that human destiny can see movements to any directions, good or awful. Briefly, the outline of such things is hidden to us, human beings.
Here is my uncle’s fable- As I have described in the earlier post, he could get away from a mischancy end, partly in light of the fact that he was innocent and halfway on the grounds that he was fortunate and mostly in light of the fact that he could get the best legal advisor of his time . So the fate favoured him generously and he lived for around sixty or so years on this planet after that occurrence, generally joyfully. However, he totally cut himself off the adventurous way of life of his youth and furthermore the young allies of bold nature, the sort of whom who had a great deal of vitality and time and cash yet little direction throughout everyday life. Yes, you can tell that my uncle turned into a new man. In spite of the fact that he didn’t wed any lady(the genuine reasons, I don’t know), and carried on an unhitched male’s life, he kept a ton of good companions and was the best company for anyone who acknowledged him as a friend. In his life, though he cleared out his reckless life, he did not particularly pursue a solitary vocation like his companions did, but had different occupations and would likewise take long getaways when he left an occupation and took up another. Our elderly individuals so specifically cautioned us when we were growing up that one ought not to copy him in the event that one needs to have a fruitful existence. This I feel now, as a notice about his other tendencies, one such his addiction to alcoholic beverages. In our family gatherings, two personages were spotted as wrong models, and one was this uncle. The other one, you may perhaps be curious to know-This is none other than my father in law, for I wedded a young lady from my mom’s family, a far-off kinfolk, and my dad in law was known to me even when I was a boy. He was, in reality, the most terrible of the parcel ,the extent that drinking is concerned. For he would never stop his dependence on bottles even towards the finish of his life, even after he experienced a noteworthy heart bypass and the specialists cautioned him not to take any alcohol after that. In any case, he would never stop his old propensities and met with an unseely end. Still,about the nature of these two characters, they were the most joyful individuals from the whole family .
Particularly my dad in law, an extremely affable companion, like a little kid he was, declining to grow up, though he had his furious and calamitous moments or sometimes, illogically fractional temperaments. One fine nature of him is that however he is a long way from a virtuoso, he could pick up remarkable individuals from any gathering, effortlessly and keep up their kinship for long. A large number of these exceptional  mortals were likewise bizarre boozers too and his table at homestead was thronged by these freewheeling marvels and the principal occupation of my mother in law was cooking delicious lamb and chicken culinaries for these mavericks.
However, our main story is something else. How my uncle met a panther in the timberland and got away from great divide. This is a genuine story and is described by my uncle himself when he was staying with us. For my mother was particularly close to this uncle in light of the fact that after her dad’s passing, this uncle gave a portion of the charges for my mom’s later education, though she got a position soon and left her people. So this uncle remained with us for many long years, till my mom’s superannuation. So in one of the nights when we were strolling back home, after a theatre show in the town, my uncle narrated this story….
.(To be continued).
-From a Long Fiction in Making.


C’était le jour où je suis arrivé de la place de la ville avec quelques feuilles de papier et j’avais récemment écrit quelque chose sur Poe que je devais montrer au surintendant. C’était une perspective de l’univers de Poe et de Dupin et du genre de criminologues que Poe avait créés, le présage de la fiction ultérieure. Il y avait un magasin de vélos près de la place et j’avais pour habitude de me procurer de nombreux exemplaires des travaux de recherche importants pour mes camarades de classe, car mon professeur s’intéressait beaucoup à ces sujets et me permettait de récupérer l’argent dépensé auprès du département. Dans cet article, j’avais essayé de parler brièvement des impacts de l’écrivain qui paraissaient immenses, connus ou obscurs.

Mon professeur était expressément intéressé et il a savouré certains aspects de Poe, si ce n’est tout, et nous avons eu «Raven» et «The Cask of Amontillado» pour des recherches minutieuses. Et mon professeur a sûrement eu des appréciations remarquables sur un tel sujet. Cependant, il détestait Poe en tant que poète (je ne sais pas d’où il a eu cette idée et il suivait la ligne de certains critiques) mais plutôt le virtuose qu’il a glorifié à plusieurs reprises dans la classe et il était de sa compétence de transmettre à la classe une quelques bons textes de la bibliothèque et lire des extraits des vrais faussaires sur ces lignes et transmettre en outre ses propres remarques sur ces sujets. Nous avons donc eu d’excellentes lectures sur Emerson, Thoreau et Faulkner et la classe a été remarquablement vigoureuse, puisqu’il a également saisi le français. Cependant, il ne montra aucune de ses caractéristiques et sourit comme un gamin et il me préféra surtout dans le sentiment de ce mot. En dépit du fait que je n’étais pas un chercheur extraordinairement juste pour me distinguer suffisamment, il m’aimait et connaissait en outre quelques personnages du groupe d’amitié de mon père et c’était une affaire joviale d’aller en classe.

Il y avait beaucoup de jeunes filles dans la classe, en effet, la part du lion se trouvait être ces jeunes filles. De plus, mon compagnon le plus proche était Sebastian Antony, qui avait son domicile près des familles de ma mère et nous avons eu quelques échanges de base, sociaux et monétaires, car j’avais le plus besoin d’argent, étant un pauvre gestionnaire de fortune, à fois, et à cause de cela, combien je me suis attaqué plus tard. Et ce Sebastian Antony était également un piètre gestionnaire en matière d’argent, et après la première semaine d’allocation, il fera faillite comme moi, mais ce collègue avait des liens énormes et pouvait arranger de l’argent en bref, à condition qu’il soit payé à l’avance. une date particulière à l’avenir. C’est ce que nous avons fait, car j’avais aussi mes relations et ma plus grande connexion était mon père lui-même, qui était très discipliné en matière d’argent et qui était une aubaine pour ses partenaires en affaires. Mais j’ai toujours honte de lui demander fréquemment de perdre l’estime devant lui, car il mentionnera cet événement à la table du dîner et je perdrai davantage de respect devant les autres membres de la famille. À la maison, notre table à manger était composée de ma mère, de mon père, de moi-même, de ma sœur aînée et de mon beau-frère qui n’avait pas de scrupule, mais qui agissait comme s’il était la personne la plus parfaite sur terre. C’était un gars intelligent et il savait comment faire tourner la roue de la vie du temps et du travail des autres.

Une fois, il a déposé à mon insu une bouteille vide de liqueur dure dans le grenier de ma chambre à coucher. Lorsque les domestiques ont nettoyé la place, ils ont découvert la bouteille d’alcool vide et l’ont donnée à ma mère. J’étais alors absent et ma mère pensait que j’avais bu l’alcool fort et laissé la bouteille vide dans le grenier, où les gens allaient rarement. Ma mère a raconté cela à mon père et tous les deux ont cru que j’étais l’auteur de l’infraction et peut-être un lâche hypocrite. Mais malheureusement, les deux ne m’ont pas parlé de cet incident et je ne l’ai appris que beaucoup plus tard après le décès de ma mère lors d’une conversation informelle avec le père, lorsque les sujets ont changé et que le dialogue s’est déplacé vers cet épisode particulier. Comme je me sentais pénible alors, pensant que ma mère avait une fausse impression de moi comme un ivrogne et un hypocrite et que je ne pouvais pas corriger cette impression, car elle n’est plus. En fait, à part quelques occasions sociales où j’ai bu du vin rouge, [et aussi une fois, du gin, des baies de genièvre et du squadial de citron vert], je n’avais touché à aucune des liqueurs fortes. Cela m’a fait prendre conscience du fait que dans ma vie future, les gens devraient communiquer le plus souvent possible, particulièrement au sein d’une famille, et ne pas laisser de doute sans être rectifiés, en ce qui concerne les comportements …

Et à propos de mon professeur et mon ami–

Lorsque j’ai annulé l’examen et abandonné le travail écrit des derniers documents, mon ami Sebastian l’a également fait, mais nous nous sommes rencontrés par la suite à Cochin et avons partagé les chambres voisines d’un logement. Cet hôtel était proche d’un autre des principaux centres de l’université où des candidats privés apparaissaient généralement. Cette fois-là, il a exercé une profession à l’université qu’il a obtenue grâce à son diplôme précédent.

Dans l’autre pièce se trouvait un aspirant privé de Crangore, qui pouvait décrire ses efforts avec les femmes de son lieu et expliquer quelques techniques pour attirer les filles. de cette âme chanceuse, notre voisin dans les chambres. Plus tard, j’ai su dans la vie que le meilleur moyen d’attirer une femme est d’être soi-même. De cette façon, vous aurez le bon partenaire et l’absence de stratégie est plus attrayante pour tout être humain, homme ou femme. Nous avons le même esprit humain et les femmes sont plus sensibles aux choses cachées de la vie en général. En tout cas, ce sont des réflexions à considérer de plus et je vois que de nombreux lecteurs ont des panoramas divers sur de tels sujets….

— [extrait d’une œuvre de fiction en cours]


Dans le couloir, il attendait le moment le plus prestigieux de cette journée, marqué du nom d’une fille derrière son globe. La journée a commencé par une douche froide et s’est terminée de la même manière par une douche froide. De plus, il bruissait toute la journée (ou presque) du matin au soir et il était dans son deux-roues privé que son père avait présenté à son 38e anniversaire avec une empreinte et un logo familial après l’image que Willie Loman avait essayé de créer pendant sa quarantaine s’installer nulle part, sans jamais essayer de se dire. La vieille dame qui dirigeait son magasin et dirigeait un kiosque à livres dans le centre commercial se rendit pendant des heures pour lire des livres à sa guise, et lorsque son fils devint grand et devint le nouveau propriétaire de la librairie et a essayé de l’arrêter dans sa pratique de lire des livres librement. Parce qu’il a été élevé dans un autre courant particulier de notions sur le succès, la richesse, la personnalité et les relations – d’où il a tiré ces idées, il n’était pas assez sûr. Ses discours ont été merveilleux plusieurs fois. Il parlait comme un législateur, mais quelle est la plus grande loi qui soit, sans ces liens simples, il a oublié .. si quoi que ce soit, il le faisait et essayait de projeter une bonté cultivée..Il était ce genre de penseur. Il a fait tout ce qui était à la mode dans les tendances les plus modernes .. avait la compagnie de gens gentils et cultivés … engagé dans des activités socialement lucratives et se rendait au début d’une rivière dans un bateau avec ses amis et buvait du toddy et dansait tout au long de la soirée se tenant par la main, jusqu’à ce que tous, un par un, sans exception, tombent par terre..Mais plus tôt dans la vie, il copiait les feuilles de solution de son ami et il parodiait à partir des cartes-réponses de son ami et obtenait des notes et par chance ou Fluke, il a eu un bon travail avant son ami. cependant, son ami n’était pas jaloux de ces affaires … il a grandi dans la vie et a adapté le style de sa barbe au fil des saisons, ce qui a été une bonne source de joie pour ses amis, ces changements de styles de barbe, quelques années. dans la vie des colonies, c’est comme ça. ils se moquaient des gens qui étaient différents d’eux et c’était un moyen de maintenir l’ancien code de moralité et les liens étroits des familles et de leur étiquette particulière. Ces styles de l’extérieur étaient à couper le souffle, mais de l’intérieur, jamais. Il était aussi un écrivain, un poète d’une série de vers valeureux sur les vieilles familles et leurs batailles. Les quatrains portaient une cadence et un swing particuliers, dont l’un d’eux était le chef du clan de la jeune fille, qui somnolait dans l’après-midi après avoir mangé. et qui a vu des rêves, dans son sommeil. cette dame en particulier était vindicative et cherchait à rendre justice en tuant certains chefs qui l’avaient offensée en envoyant ses fils aînés dans sa vieillesse en leur enseignant les arts guerriers à ces chefs injustes. La partie finale est sans équivoque. Certaines narrations disent qu’elle a gagné dans son travail. Cependant, le folklore regorge de contes sur ce guerrier de la demoiselle et une source régulière pour les cinéastes. à chaque génération, il y a une pièce de théâtre ou un film sur elle. Le voleur était une autre icône de leur groupe culturel. Il ne fabriquait que des larcin dans des maisons riches et distribuait les richesses qu’il avait volées aux riches parmi les pauvres. les histoires ont surgi d’une exploitation répétée entre les classes …

il a manipulé les idées et ses premières lignes d’histoires ont choqué le grand public, alors qu’il écrivait franchement à propos de ses parents et que cela lui apportait d’énormes adeptes dans le pays et dans différentes parties du monde, car il avait commencé à écrire à une époque où le croisement des parents était général. modèle. Et une fois atteint un niveau tel que lorsque les parents sont venus assister à une réunion entre enseignants dans une institution prestigieuse, la communauté des étudiants de première année s’est levée sur leurs bancs et a crié – ces pères ne sont pas les nôtres, ce qui a scandalisé les anciens contemporains. que certains des pupilles arrivaient à la maison, ils avaient des coups de fouet, parce que, dans certains segments, il était supposé que toucher les orteils du père avant de partir était un signe avant-gardiste de la chance et un canal pour pénétrer dans des portes fermées, comme ils le croyaient. la bénédiction l’accompagnera sur son chemin, gong et retour. Ainsi, ce qu’ils ont vu à l’université était en opposition flagrante à cette croyance….

— [extrait d’une fiction en cours]