The new day dawns with a warm note when the azure sky manifests itself above the sea swells that carried endless whispers from the past. The husky man stood there stock-still as an onlooker to the waves and his eyes gleamed in aspiration perhaps for many minutes… And I’m still pausing for you in this secluded niche of the panorama that has plenty of eucalyptus trees with their distinct aroma around, looking forward to joining you for an intimate chat… Dear friend, this is a meeting season… October passed and with it, the parting of a beloved one, numb to the bottom as if to ridicule the love we bore to one another, still it isn’t wise to tarry along these lines further, for, I have trust that we will meet once again, if not soon……
An ambulance service paces by and it’s been the most glorious day for me and you dear and who can grasp for certain that we will breathe for long or even tomorrow for that matter, still I hope we will be friends in this life and after this one also, if we receive approbation for that happening…
A hospital survived in front, and after that a lovely tree. The clinic is a vascular infirmary, mostly patronised by old folk, and a few youthful ones, too. The doctor comes to the porch of the arcade and grouses something to herself and retreats. Thankfully, this is something the season has to offer now. Dear, did you ever mark the flare in her eyes? The new recruit from a Scandinavian country whose home is near the place after Galati in a Moldovan village, where the Danube flows to the sea[as she told yesterday]…

I met the doctor yesterday and mentioned to her the issues of my elderly cousin from my father’s side, about his recent medical problems and the doctor, gave us an appointment for today. That was all. There is a tiny tea stall in the proximity, that boasts of novel items in the menu, pizzas and cheese tortellini slaws and vegan culinary –about six or seven guys are hurrying in to catch the attention of the bench assistant for vouchers or tokens. Meanwhile, a middle-aged lady is thrust back in the race and the counter boy obviously notices and calls her to the head row to get the token and this gesticulation precipitates some measure of mortification in the male casts, who left to themselves and alone were fed to act in unusual trends. But none stretches out to demur, because of one reason or the other. One specific cause, I may tend to know that transpired in our family, that eldest female member scolded all the others for such a prototype of display. This is quite a private theme and I’m not fretting over it…

Today, there is an appointment at Brooks and my buddies have agreed to assemble there in the salon of a mate that is in the corresponding edifice. We will review topics concerning them and that covers some family liaisons too.
The physician arrived meanwhile and my kinsman was ushered into the chamber and it appeared that he was reluctant to face the new evolution of his body. He has been for eras, a supporter of the doctrine of Dependent Origination, still, it did not assuage the existing predicament. The expert, after numerous sittings of investigation, spoke to her superior professor over the telephone and one could eavesdrop feebly the other’s commanding articulates from the receiver.
Then the doctor turned to me and delivered various guidelines and prescriptions of drug and narrated that these could be purchased from the store that is in the same complex. And also that I must meet her after a week.
We withdrew from the surroundings and hit back home.
My kinsman has been sojourning with me for the last three weeks. This was in fact after copious years of parting and when my parents were living, we used to see each other at least once in two years. Some family events would make occasion for this gathering. Earlier in life, when we were children, the meetings had been more regular, once in a year or even twice. We will assemble at each other’s house in turn during vacations. My house at that era was in a hilly town noted principally for a dam and a magnificent park overlooking it. I knew every cranny and corner of that neighbourhood because whenever a relative visited our house, it was my duty or privilege to take them to the places of interest. My father would bequeath me some additional bucks for that, and I was pretty happy. Another attraction of our town was that there is a Fort made by an old ruler and was abandoned in the hands of other sovereigns after his passing in a decisive battle. This particular ruler had similar sorts of Forts in other sections of the country.[Later, I could see the very ground of his terminal fight]… My cousin’s ancestry was in another city about five hours of trip by bus from our town and this place is a harbour Town and an early port in British times and is linked with the manufacturing of coir merchandises. For kids like us, the foremost appeal was that it was a haven for fish delights. We whenever went to this spot, would advance to the seacoast and see fish accumulated by the anglers from the net. Moreover, fish, at the collection time is unimaginably cheap and it was like a miracle that we would go back homeward purchasing packs of fish that we struggled to carry, at a surprisingly low cost and to remember those seasons again is also a thrilling experience…….

–[From a work of FICTION in progress].


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