PARIS NIGHTS [second version]

[When I talked about last night’s incident to Alighiers , he reprimanded me in a friendly tone and with occasional looks into the hollow of my eyes, told that the story would have been different if I had another attitude…]…..

Suppose –

……From the balustrade my room met the feasting halls that were dimly lit, a large portion of the hours of the day and the entrance had works of art of taste and some semi human shapes, statues with well formed arms and……at the edge a hollow from where a nave was visible and a little group of late worshipers moved out into the night streets… .. Alighiers called in his handsome husky voice from some place afar and announced that he would reach any time….at the open passage , a man with bristly head and a lady fashionable at most recent trends entered and the man hesitated at the corner and both later joined.. He swung his shoulders the left one marginally twisted than the right, may be not affected but his way or habit or a certain minor handicap.. I entered from the main door and had a nearby peep of the motley crowd inside, individuals of all assortments , the most part in buoyant youth and in incessant chatter….. a woman of wide girth with a male figure of gigantic form and limbs, slightly shocking from my small town benchmarks…..the man obviously a film running in his mental screen, had rapid outbursts of emotion,that showed up like lightning on his face..
..behind him a young lady in Victoria’s Secret style entered in fresh gaiety, all consummately confident about their masculinity and girlhood…. Everything was flawless and articulate in a show that was going to take place this evening……the nave was visible from the windows…. and those structures of grey Gothic stones that fitted well in the big canvas of a genius artist with its close bunch of windsor greens and forest looks, a few separations away from the aisle…… A picture shone on the grizzled cobalt walls, a class painting of wild asses some old explorers may find in their trips , creatures of fine Tibetan breed….. an odor reminiscent of permeable vinegar in the air, various alcohols and smoke …. Here one, all of a sudden aches for a new breeze from the open planes,under a sweltry, familiar sun with my father by my side.. in any case, that is not my street this late evening…This evening of knocks and mishaps in Paris. ..I trusted, he would reprove me into the correct way and I will obey him in reverence as I was aware ,his grand intentions are sufficient enough to make up for some of those stupid actions. For me , his living nearness is greater than Nobel Prize…..I changed the motel a few days ago in light of the fact that I favored a room with a view into the city’s life and furthermore to get away from the water issues which denied me of my night showers .. now moved to a better one, as a senior kinfolk had put an amount into the account seeing my debased state. …..There were sounds coming from the inn’s store of books as a pre- publication of a new author was taking place.It was a book of romantic substance and some entered the hall with the book showing on its cover a lady reclining on the man’s tourniquet…….. I picked the table at the west end, and the waiter clearly did not remember me …it was an old rendezvous,where I would occasionally come with her and we both did not know how to dance , that even a child over here knew….. .. the roulette was on the other hallway …… I got Alighiers’s call that he has reached the hotel , and invited him to the dance floor .He didn’t demonstrate stun , instead asked which floor it is and of coming there without mishaps.. Finally we met as two doted old buddies…. A woman scantily dressed comes near the table , here she pulls back to the one abaft, after a minor qualm, .. One advantage of seniority is that you are fairly deprived of jealousy and realize that in any field, there is someone superior to you, and that competition is not however life’s best virtues…. You are gifted with the greatest gift ever at birth itself and that is life . The more one loses intentionally the more deeper …I don’t know all that stuff…..but this straightforward oddity is the core of things…… At the farther end, a lone lady, not concerned with the action that was mounting in the anteroom, was opening a book and reading from it seriously , however, tasting the champagne like drink from the container , the server in conspicuous familiarity – may be a seasoned visitor….Music was becoming heavier and nearer….. Alighiers pulled back as time turned out to be late , some point close midnight, into his room, and I found myself in the hall with people and shadows farther into the heart of night .The Parisian night… Suddenly to my amazement , the woman who was sitting at the farther end of the honkey-tonk,as my eyes were laboring in lesser sobriety, closed her book, and rose from the cathedra and turned round, as if she had a private tryst in view, walked towards my direction, now I see her visage which was altogether distinct from the other folks, and more closely I see her when she approaches, cleanly dressed and elegant in strides and with a kind and blazing look in eyes, not bothering the masculine figures with huge arms and coming to my small figure steadily and suddenly to my greatest bewilderment, kissed on my right cheek and called my first name. This ultimate night. My Paris night. Here, I am purged of sinning, than further sinning.

-[From a work in making]